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Developing Bio-energy Projects

Venture Renewable Energy works in partnership with private sector investors, technology providers, Government (or State) and financial institutions to develop infrastructure projects in sub-Saharan African countries.  We work within a framework which ensures a cleaner environment using local resources.

A schematic diagram of main sections of an AD – Biogas plant is illustrated below:

We are now commencing the development of bio-power projects in the sub-Saharan African region.  Depending on site-specific factors, the technology of choice for the projects are:

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion is the simple, natural breakdown of organic matter into biogas (carbon dioxide and methane) and organic fertiliser called digestate. It is a similar process to that which takes place in the stomach of a cow.

Feedstocks: Organic feedstocks are very flexible, ranging from farm manures and crops, to sewage sludge and food wastes (including uncooked and cooked food, and also meat products). Feedstocks usually have a high moisture content making them more suited to the AD process.

“Sustainable” Biomass Combustion

Biomass combustion is the thermal combustion of biomass material in the boiler plant using sustainable fuels.

Feedstocks: The source can be directly from forestry, residues from processing or discarded materials from other sectors such as construction. Examples: woodchips (or pellets), agricultural residues such as: cocoa husk, shea meal, cashew waste etc.

Feedstocks usually have a low moisture content thus increasing the heat content them suitable for combustion.


Venture Renewable Energy (VRE)

We provide expertise on mitigation technological solutions to resolve emission challenges for the power and utility plant sectors.  Our expertise covers fossil-fuel fired boilers such as Coal, Oil, Gas, Petroleum coke, Orimulsion and Biomass (residues or pellets).

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